Tadacip 5mg

Tadacip 5mg: Too Few Reviews Available To Consider It Effective


Brand: Tadacip

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Tadacip 5mg is the generic variation of the erectile dysfunction drug tadalafil that is branded usually as Cialis. The tablets are orange and a package usually contains four pills. In order to achieve an erection, a man needs to be sexually stimulated. Erection occurs when there is an increased supply of blood flowing to the penis. Tadacip aids erections by relaxing muscles and increasing the blood flow to the penis so that an erection can be maintained until ejaculation.

Cipla Ltd, located in Mumbai India is the manufacturer of the product Tadacip. As a manufacturer, they are renowned with over eighty years in the business of pharmaceuticals. Not only that, they have extended their portfolio to include research. The company is also a manufacturer of a variety of drugs. These drugs treat hypertension, HIV, hepatitis and children’s disease. They also produce treatments for Malaria. They seem to be a very reputable company with no pending litigation against them. The business serves international markets with their products.

Customer Reviews

There was only 1 review for the Tadacip pill in 2017. The review was taken from liferelayhealthcare.com

Matt gave the product a 5-star rating

Matt gave the product a 5-star rating. He said; “Great medicine, great service…highly recommended. Works great.” Matt’s review is mostly of the online pharmacy but he still rated the product because it worked well for him. It would be unfair and biased to say that the product works well based on this simple review. At least two or three reviews should be available for a product so customers can get a better understanding of how and if the product works.

Cipla Ltd does not have any reviews about their services or products. Some may see this as questionable for such a large manufacturer but other large manufacturers in the industry also do not have reviews. This was not too alarming because if you were to search for them on the internet, there is a lot of information about them. They have their own website and there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to them. They have made themselves very available so much so that sellers and prospective pharmacies can “follow” them on Twitter or like their page on Facebook.

Pricing and Dosage

Tadacip is priced at $79.99 for a quantity of 88 tablets. The pills, in essence, cost about $0.91 each. The price is good and still much better than the brand Cialis. Before purchasing, you also have the option to choose which strength you prefer.

Tadacip is Oral Tablets that comes in doses of 2

Tadacip is Oral Tablets that comes in doses of 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. 20mg is the recommended dosage per day. The drug should be taken as is with a glass of water. There was no information about whether you should or should not eat before taking the drug.

How to Buy Tadacip 5mg Online

Tadacip 5 is available from our recommended pharmacies and the links can be seen below. These pharmacies are trusted and charge $9.95 for Airmail Services and $19.95 for EMS Courier. If $200 is spent, you do not pay for shipping.

The product seems to be very popular also as several online pharmacies sell them.

Tadacip is available in the following stores with international shipping options:



How to Use

This tablet has no effect on females so they should not use it. Do not take more than a 20mg dosage per day as you run the risk of overdosing. Take the pill with water about 15 minutes before you desire the results. The effects of the pill can last as long as 40 hours.

Side Effects

Tadacip generally has the same side effects as Cialis. These effects include swelling, dizziness, headaches and weakness. This drug should not be taken by minors, persons taking drugs with nitrates or persons who have an allergy to tadalafil. The drug also should not be coupled with other erectile dysfunction drugs. If you experience loss of sight, hearing or suffer from hypertension, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Tadacip 5mg is the generic version of the drug known as Cialis. Cialis’ main ingredient is Tadalafil which is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There was one customer review available for the drug and this does little to add to its credibility and quality; despite the review being ultra-positive.  In order to assess the product properly, it would need to have at least three reviews so that they’ll be less subjective and more believable as each customer will not have the same experience using the drug.

Cipla, the manufacturer is as credible as a manufacturer can get. They have an eighty-year-old reputation to maintain and it is highly unlikely that they will do anything to jeopardize their position in the very competitive pharmaceutical industry. Their products would be expected to be of a high quality and standard. In fact, they have been granted FDA approval so that says a lot about what can be expected from the goods they produce.

Tadacip 5mg received a rating of 3 from our team. The manufacturer is superb but the lack of reviews available for a product that is sold in virtually every online pharmacy may be a cause for concern. It could very well be that the drug gave the patients results that were expected. Maybe the manufacturer could ask sellers to encourage their customers to buy the product by giving free giveaways. Needless to say, do not use Tadacip without contacting your doctor first.

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