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Tadacip Online Pharmacy: Your Cheap Alternative to Branded Cialis


Brand: Tadacip

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Tadacip online pharmacy is not hard to find online, the hardest part is to tell which pharmacy is worth trusting. Tadacip is a medicine that aims to help men with erection problems. This drug simply works by helping the penile muscle relax, achieve an erection, and hold it longer. Tadacip online pharmacy offers are very cheap hence it is always best to get this medicine from e-stores.

A PDE5 inhibitor, Tadacip helps the penile blood vessels to receive more blood. As the blood flows freely, the penile muscle can now stay hard for a period of time. The effect of Tadacip can be felt within 36 hours after taking it. Tadacip alone won’t cause an erection. It only works when you are sexually aroused.

Cipla is a major drug manufacturer in India. This player in the pharmaceutical industry of India is known for producing branded and generic medicines. They became popular after producing generic antiretroviral medicines that are more affordable than branded HIV/AIDS medicine. CIPLA continued to produce affordable generic medicines and that includes Tadacip, their generic version of Cialis and Suahgra, their generic version of Viagra.  Tadacip online pharmacy products are cheaper but to ensure that you are going to receive real Tadacip tablets, always do a background check on your chosen e-store.

To date, Cipla has a net worth of US$7.7 billion with more than 22,000 employees.

Customer Reviews

A product from a large pharmaceutical firm surely has a lot to offer. This is what we are expecting with Tadacip. Since Cipla is known for their low cost and high-quality medicines, we have no doubt that we will find good customer testimonials about this ED drug.

Ronald shared in 2017 how Tadacip won his 5-star approval

Ronald shared in 2017 how Tadacip won his 5-star approval. He said it worked as promised. He said he even tested its effect for 24 hours and he was satisfied with the result. Another 5-star rating was awarded to Tadacip by A. Bayer. He said Tadacip worked all day long.

The shared experiences of Ronald and A. Bayer were short but meant one thing – Tadacip is a drug that you can trust.

Pricing and Dosage

Tadacip is sold in packs of 10, 30, 60, 90, and 120 pills. A Tadacip online pharmacy often provides discounts when this medicine is bought in packs. Tadacip tablet is offered in a 20mg dosage. There are other dosages such as 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg.

For a pack of 10, you can get it for

For a pack of 10, you can get it for $48.36 or $4.84 per tablet. A pack of 30 costs $69.47 or $2.32 apiece. Buying 60 pills will give you more than $70 discount as you can just get it for $101.14 or $1.69 per tablet. For big savers, get 90 pills of this medicine for $132.81 or $1.48 per pills or order 120 pills and save as much as $250. A pack of 120 tablets only costs $164.48 or $1.347 per tablet.

That is a real saving out there!

How to Buy Tadacip Online

The price of Tadacip is very customer friendly. Imagine getting an ED medicine for as low as $1.37! It is also widely obtainable and is not hard to find.

Tadacip is offered by stores shipping internationally:



Before ordering from a Tadacip online pharmacy, do a background check first. Make sure that you are dealing with a real store and not a scam one. If the store is legit, then you can be assured that the medicine you will be receiving is legit as well. The links provided above belong to a trustworthy provider working online for decades.

How to Use

The regular Tadacip prescription that doctors give to their patient is 10mg. if 10mg is too strong, it can be decreased to 5mg. If the effect is too weak, you can take two 10mg tablets or get a 20mg Tadacip. If your doctor prescribed a 10mg Tadacip, do not take a 20mg dosage.

This medicine should be taken with water. Take it even if you have not eaten yet.

Take it only when you are about to get ready for the action. The effect of this medicine lasts up to 36 hours. Do not take another tablet within the said time.

Side Effects

There are some users of Tadacip and medicines with Tadalafil who reported experiencing side effects after taking their Tadacip prescription. Among the reported side effects of this medicine are heartburn, headaches, feeling nauseous, and having an upset stomach. These are common side effects that shouldn’t bother you.

Persisting side effects can mean that your body is not responding well to Tadacip or Tadalafil. Stop taking this drug if you encounter persevering symptoms.

Conclusion with Rating

Tadacip by Cipla is a very affordable muscle relaxant. This medicine is used to treat incapability and erectile difficulties among men. With this drug, you can expect longer and harder penile erection of up to 36 hours. This is just one of Cipla’s ED drug as they also have Suhagra, their generic version of Viagra. Tadacip is their generic version of Cialis.

Tadacip and Cipla are two popular names in India and to some people who had been looking for an ED drug to depend on. According to the users of Tadacip, it is an effective ED medicine and the prolonged effect is not what they have expected from it. With an effect that kicks in after an hour and lasts up to 36 hours, who wouldn’t pay for less than $4?

This Indian generic Cialis is indeed a good alternative for an expensive branded Cialis. For its efficacy, price, and wide availability, Tadacip gets a rating of 5/5 stars.

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